Machu Picchu – Day 7, part 2

Back in Lima, time to catch up.  Being back in the city is quite the rude awakening after a week in the great outdoors – noisy, smoggy, cloudy, smelly.  The hot water and flushing toilets are good though.

Anyway, our story continues:  Descending into Machu Picchu was amazing.  You are standing on a mountain top, at a giant city built of big rocks.  It’s totally nutty.  Lucky for us as the morning progressed the clouds slowly burned off and the sun emerged.  It was actually cool to get both the cloudy and sunny versions, even though we missed the view from the sun gate.  The rain sucked, but it also added to the whole experience.  Being at Machu Picchu is totally surreal – there is no way to comprehend how they built this city and how it still survives today.  Maritza gave us a guided tour of the hot spots, and then we had time to wander on our own as well.  The pictures won’t do it all justice, but they will serve as better descriptor than anything I write here so you just have to wait for those when I return next week 😉

Eventually we made our way to the nearby town of Agua Calientes, via a scary switchback bus ride.  We grabbed a quick lunch, and then the train back to Ollantaytambo.  There we hopped off onto another a bus to get to Cusco.  Arriving back in Cusco we all enjoyed super hot showers to wash away 4 days of hiking filth.  This however is where I discovered my twelve bug bites – my legs are not pretty.

We enjoyed dinner out with our hiking buddies Carrie & Nathan at InCanto.  After 4 days of Peruvian food, it was a nice switch to Italian (even though the trail food was awesome.)  Then it was home to bed since it had been a LONNNGGG day.


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