Cusco – Day 8

After coming off the trail we had a free day in Cusco and even got to sleep in.  Maritza came over for an 8:30am on the jungle, and then we were on our own.  We had two goals for the day:  visit the ruins of Sexy Woman (not it’s actual spelling but that’s how it sounds) and shopping at the artisans market.  We decided to tackle the ruins first – they sit high atop Cusco and you can hike there in about 45 minutes.  We however were lazy, and split into two cabs to ride up.  These ruins were good, but after having just finished the Inca Trail it’s hard to compare.  We wandered for awhile, then popped over to the next hill to see the giant Blanco Christo statue.  From the tops of the hills we could see rain moving our direction, so instead of walking back down as planned, we grabbed taxis again and headed to lunch.

Refreshed with food, we strolled down the main drag, Avenue El Sol to the Artisans Handicraft market recommended by Maritza and spent a good two hours shopping (yay presents! and stuff for me!).  Loaded down with loot, we did a quick drive-by at a museum before it closed, then collapsed back home for awhile.For dinner we finally made it to a tapas bar we had tried to go to twice previously, al Cicciolina.  It was good – I had french onion soup, and some local trout with fried sweet potato gnocchi.  Then we met up with some other trail buddies at a nearby Irish pub before stumbling home exhausted.


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