Today was game day. BK & I drove our car while Kevin picked up Mark & JJ, and we met up in a parking garage on campus. JJ had gotten some food recs from a friend so we went in search of. Diner that sounded good. We walked through campus and down the hill, and then on a little longer finally finding it. We got a little worried because service seemed slow, but we got our orders in and ate quickly. We pondered getting a taxi back to the stadium, but ending up walking and arrived in perfect time. We even ran into and old BMGF colleague as we searched for our seats!

Its always fun to be surrounded by other Husky fans at away games, and there was a good crowd here – especially since there wasn’t a huge crowd for the Buffs.   At the beginning of the game they have an actual Buffalo, Ralphie, who runs around the field – whoa. The Huskies didn’t play great, but came from behind for the win, phew. It would have been a sad rest of the weekend otherwise.


After the game we had some time to explore Boulder and find some food. First stop was Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery on the main drag, Pearl Street. Walking in it seemed pretty hippy/organic to be the kind of brewery we normally frequent but it was a pleasant surprise. Lots of interesting beers on tap and a healthy delicious menu to pair with it. Lots of happy Huskies in the bar added to the ambiance 🙂

We wandered up Pearl street ducking into shops, then settled int0 the West End tavern at the far end which was recommended by our waiter at the brewery. Probably good we didn’t find this place first because BK, MK & JJ could spend a lot of money easily here with the collection at hand.


Eventually caught an uber back to the parking garage and headed back into Denver for the night.


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