A Day on Dart River

Another early morning, another all day tour.  Pick up at 7:30am for a 45 minute drive along tehother side of the lake to a small town called Glenorchy.  Once there we were outfitted in wetsuits, booties, fleece, splash jackets and life vests – let the fun begin!

The first hour was spent in a jet boat, zooming up the Dart River. I wasn’t sure I would like jet boating but it was fun, even the 360 turns.  Because of all the recent rain a rockslide farther up the valley had dammd up part of the river dropping the water level quite a bit, but our skipper was still able to maneuver us up the shallow sections along Mount Aspiring and through more astounding scenery.


After the jetboat, we hopped into our Funyaks – essentially an inflatable canoe, but way more stable than the traditional canoes we encountered in Canada.  We spent the next couple hours paddling back downstream, maneuvering into a little spot called the Rockburn chasm and eating lunch riverside while smooth white clouds swirled above the mountains.  Occasionally we got stuck in the shallow water or had to criss cross the river to keep in the deeper current, but it was still fun. And the water wasa coudy gray from the rockslide instead of its usual glacial blue s you can see in my 12th man flag photo J


Back in town e showered & changed for our final night in queenstown.  First stop was CaddyShack City Mini-golf, probably the most amazing putt-putt course we’ve ever played (and I won by six strokes!).  Then walked down the hill towards the water in search of sun and dinner – we found both at Public Kitchen, and finished the night watching the sunset from the beach.  Queenstown is great (though pricey) – we’ll be back.


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