Beijing – day 4

Our last day in Beijing and after the rains during the week we were treated t a clear blue sky for our morning at the Temple of Heaven.  Similar to Fuxing Park in Shanghai we were treated to random dancing groups as we walked through the park towards the main temple.  It was so nice to be outside in the warm sun and beautiful surroundings.


After strolling all through the park we hit up the nearby Pearl market to finish off our shopping, and then made our way back to “Hipsterville” for a late lunch and additional shopping.


We ended the day with happy hour on a rooftop deck near the lakes which seems like a cool area to explore.  I became especially enamored watching an old pedicab dude, before we caught the bus home and met Ernie for a last yummy dinner out on the street where he took us the first night.



Then it was off to the airport hotel for Eleni & I to pack up and get a wee bit of shut eye before our early flight home.


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