Beijing – Day 2

Wednesday was our big day at the Great Wall.  We once again had a driver arranged through eth office which was great since the spot we wanted to go was about 90 minutes away.  Mutianyu features cable cars to get up to the wall so we quickly jumped in a gondola to begin exploring.   I was on the Great Wall of China!




Its pretty amazing – so big and stretching across the vast landscapes at the top of each highest peak as far as you can see.

Just as we were nearing the spot to go down from it started to rain which seemed like good timing since we were done walking around.  Unfortunately that meant our planned way down, the luge, had closed.   We tried to wait it out for a bit but no luck, so then we had to head down in a chairlift – still fun, but the luge would have been crazy!

In the evening we walked along a popular shopping street, Wan Fuxing, an dthen ended with a fancy dinner at Da Dong, one of BK’s favorites and well known for their duck.  The menu was book so I just let Ernie order, and it was all delicious.  The duck was the superstar, but we also had a sweet & sour fish dish that was yummy, as well as a surprise almond jello dessert with some pop rocks.


After dinner, the elusive Beijing taxi service once again thwarted us – several available cabs stopped and then turned us down based on where we wanted to go.  Really?  Eventually we had to settle on an over-priced “black cab” and a bus ride, lame.


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