Shanghai – Day 4

I feel like we haven’t seen much of Shanghai because all we’ve done is wander somewhat aimlessly, and yet by doing so we have covered a lot of ground. Today we explored a part fo the French Concession we hadn’t been through yet and had brunch in a little French café – as much as I love dumplings, that slice of quiche Lorraine was a welcome treat and break 😉

Next we headed downtown where Eleni & I went shopping on the main drag (Times Square as she likes to call it) while Mar went to the Rockbund Art Museum and Postal Museum – I would have liked to go to the postal museum but it was so nice out, I just wanted to keep wandering and then find a rooftop deck for a cocktail. We found our deck near the Bund and enjoyed the view of Skycrapers in the afternoon sun.


The real treat of the afternoon after several days of so much walking was our Foot massage appts. So relaxing – we all passed out at some point during the treatment.


Since it was our last night in Shanghai we headed to a nice restaurant for dinner, Lost Heaven – very Wild Ginger-like serving Yunnan food. Since we were near the Bund we took in once last glance at the glitter of Shanghai and capped the evening off with a drink at the Long Bar in the Waldorf Astoria.


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