Shanghai > Beijing

Mostly a travel day, and since the rains moved into Shanghai early it seemed to be a good one to do so. Lazy morning at the house where we enjoyed our final carb-loading chinese breakfast of street treats before catch a cab out to the railway station. At the station we first had to pass through security, where I noticed the guy supposed to screening the bags was literally falling asleep at his desk. from there we just waited to board our train.

In 1933, a train trip between Shanghai-Beijing took 44 hours! Today on the Bullet train it takes just under 5 hours, going 307/Km (the train can actually go faster but they hold the speed down for energy/economic reasons). I had thought the scenery going past would be a blur at that speed but it seemed normal and even slow at times. And it was so nice not to have to jump back on a plane again. The five hours went by fairly quickly.

Once arrived in Beijing, we encountered what would become a recurrent situation for us: at the taxi stand there were hardly any taxis. We had to wait quite awhile to get one. Eventually we made our way to the front of the line and were off to Ernie’s apt. He met our taxi at the main street and then we followed him on his bike up to his building:

We dumped our stuff then headed out for a street food bonanza for dinner – delicious!

And then capped off the evening wandering around the Olympic Park all lit up at night – another Olympic City to check off the list!




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