Up early to do a a quick tour of the Mosque in the morning, grabbing breakfast along the way. This Mosque was unusual with its mix of Chinese and Muslim architecture, and was more lax in protocol so we girls didn’t need to don scarves or any o f that to visit which was nice.


Afterwards we hustled home to finish packing and check out before our driver was to arrive at 11:30 – surprise, it was David again, yay! Though I did feel bad about making him work since it was a national holiday, but he said he needed to work whenever he can this time of year to make up for the slow season.

We said good bye to Ernie and jumped on our plane – amazingly Jeff was seated right next to us in row 7 as well. Two hours later we landed in Shanghai, collected our bags and hopped in a taxi towards the old French Concession neighborhood where Mar had rented us an apartment. the spot is great, set on an alley in a quiet part of town, close to a couple Metro stops. the space takes up the bottom floor of a larger town home style building and we are actually the first folks to be staying here. Nice furnishings, modern bathrooms, good size – I couldn’t wait to unpack since we’ll be here as few days!

Hunger pains began to set in from missing lunch, so we soon began wandering our ‘hood. Our first choice was closed due to the holiday so we ended up at Noodle Bull instead, which I’ll describe as a hipster noodle bull – solid, but not amazing per some things we’ve had.

After dinner we caught the Metro down to The Bund to look at all the skyscrapers and exclaim, “We’re in Shanghai!” but nothing could have prepared us for the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel adventure:



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