Shanghai – Day 1

lazy morning in our fancy apartment to kick off our Shanghai adventure – Mar and I ran down the the street to buy beverages and breakfast – luckily the main intersection near our house is known for its chinese breakfast options so we cam home with yummy scallion pancakes and some dumplings to nosh on with our OJ. Jeff had already headed out on his own, so once we were done eating, we caught the Metro over to People’s Square to visit the Urban Planning Museum and get the lay of the land.


This museum was great – lots of interactive exhibits showing the growth of Shanghai over the last few years, and the main feature is a HUGE (seriously, entire room-sized) model of the city that lights up to show nighttime versus daytime. There was also another hologram-style movie like the one in Xi’an, this time showing daily life in one of the old Shikumen style townhouses.

From their it was now time for lunch so we walked to a nearby, highly recommended local favorite , Yang’s Fried Dumplings. These were like a cross between a a large soup dumpling and a pot sticker – so good!


the rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around fairly aimlessly through the French Concession, a highlight being the Ji’an Sculpture park where it was fun to watch lots of locals of all ages enjoy the park along with us.


Came back home to rest our weary feet for a bit and meet up with Jeff before going out to dinner. We decided to go back and try the place that been closed the night before, Sichuan Citizen. This spot is definitely a tour book favorite as there were several westerners in the joint – we got sent upstairs where it was virutually empty for awhile, but eventually filled up around us. Food was good – La (spicy) since it was Sichuanese. Jeff is a beer fan, so afterwards we wandered up the street to a bar we had passed previously, Dr. Beer, a local microbrewery that is part of Shanghai’s burgeoning beer scene. fun day!


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